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Laser Vac for metalworking

About Us

Laser Vac is known for its experience and specialization in the design, manufacture and installation of various metal structures. Its products and services include a wide range of projects such as industrial and commercial buildings, warehouses and hangars.

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An overview of the company's fields

Laser Vac For Metalworking is a leading company in: 

Industrial fans
ليزر فاك
Sorting station tables, augers, vibrators and cyclones
In addition to spare parts for mills, feed factories, and metal products such as cable ducts, electrical panels, and storage systems 
ليزر فاك
Cutting, bending & rolling works
ليزر فاك
Design, manufacture and implementation
Metal construction works (trusses, metal structures, and silos) 
Production lines and conveyor belts of all kinds 
ليزر فاك
Field of laser and CNC metal cutting 
CNC fiber laser - CNC grinder - CNC mill - scissors - lathe - drill - presses - electrostatic paint 
ليزر فاك
ليزر فاك
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